What We Do

For the better part of a year, we have been hard at work in the FrontRunner Factory (a production garage in Regina, Saskatchewan) building apps, product testing, and plowing through patent work. The result is a world-first – the WindowFront Matrix.

The WindowFront Matrix is fuelled by proprietary app and projection technology to deploy vibrant content in real estate space (store/retail window fronts, retail outlets, shopping malls, business parks, airports, live events and more) across Canada and the United States. Through alignments with building agents and owners, FrontRunner gains access to high-traffic real estate (both occupied and unoccupied). And, through additional alignments with content creators (advertising/marketing agencies, film producers, artists, sports teams and newsmakers), the WindowFront Matrix can be populated with projection-mapped digital and interactive content that can be specially-fitted to any space. Now, with literal windows of opportunity everywhere, public space will never be the same.

In one fell swoop, we are re-defining both the corporate real estate and media markets by re-imagining uses of public space to deliver dynamic content in real time. From a real estate perspective, empty windows are being brought to life through dynamic content like never before. Further, these spaces are being leased more quickly from the compelling feature ads we build, and from the increased attention drawn to them. Retail outlets are experiencing unimagined growth by adding light and motion to their faceless glass. From a content perspective, we encourage creators from an array of backgrounds to build and upload inspiring content into the Matrix, and to join us in our mission of instilling awe the world over through our stories, art, film and more.

Why We Do It

Poet Dylan Thomas’s classic prose, “Do not go gentle into that good night … Rage, rage against the dying of the light” is the anthem for FrontRunner Technologies. As self-proclaimed “public space pioneers,” our mission is to bring light to darkness the world over through our frontier technology. With our launch, we have taken a cognitive leap. Our sights are set on exploring the possibility to bring inspiration to everyday life. By evoking a sort of “cognitive ecstasy” in a passersby, we have the ability to create technology-mediated mind spaces, inner spaces and dream spaces that are just waiting to be explored.

Our divisions: AdFront, FilmFront, ArtFront, NewsFront and SportsFront are meant to appeal to the wonder junkies in us all. The ultimate goal is to create fertile public space where ideas can intermingle, mutate and fuse by bringing light. Now, with spaces singing in both rapture and illumination where darkness once prevailed, we have the power to uplift humanity, and that’s a cool thing!

Who We Are

Jack Kerouac once wrote, “… the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars….” Well, Kerouac’s people are our kind of people. So, here we are … in no particular order.

FrontRunner FrontOffice

  • Mark Kowalyk
  • Nathan Elliott
  • Lorne Piett
  • Eben Hamilton
  • Dwayne Melcher
  • Guy Tallman
  • Cory Furman
  • Dirk Dovell
  • Janet Weiss
  • Wayne Lorch

FrontRunner FrontLine

  • David O'Krancy
  • Cory Palmer
  • Elizabeth Crisante
  • Parveen Khurdia

At A Glance

The descriptions below provide a window into the day-to-day work we undertake. While our main business model is grounded in transforming the windows of public space into dynmaic content, we also offer an array of special services geared towards to transforming public space.

  • Store Front Activations

    FrontRunner uses projection mapped digital content and interactivity that can be specially-fitted to any store front. The projection system works seamlessly on the windows and architecture of any building, creating a dynamic, vibrant and unforgettable visual experience.

    FrontRunner can display a variety of content including: custom animations, HD Blue Ray, DVD video, web content and video game systems.  

  • 360 Projection Dome

    FrontRunner's immersive, portable geodesic projection domes create an IMAX like experience. The dome framework is designed to support a range of suspension equipment including lighting, audio, video and interactive. The domes range in sizes that can accommodate 30 to 1500 people.

  • Projection Mapping

    Projection Mapping is a cutting-edge technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic display. Specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to fit on regular and irregularly shaped screens, glass, walls and large structures. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video or animation projection. We conceptualize, design and produce both three dimensional and two dimensional content for window activations, corporate events, brand activations, guerrilla projections on large structures, vehicles and custom theatrical displays.

  • In-Store Activations

    FrontRunner employs the latest in touch screen and motion capture technology to redefine the instore interactive experience. 

  • Mobile Mapping

    FrontRunner's projection mapping technology is not limited to fixed locations. Our new interactive mobile units takes immersive experience to you. Content is projected through the windows to captivate, engage and leave long-lasting impressions for interested onlookers. Whether for it is for a live show, a temporary art installation or sporting event, there are no limits to the visual stories we can share.

Our Inspiration