At FrontRunner Technologies, we wholeheartedly believe that people the world over are looking to be inspired, even if they don’t quite know it … yet.

Whether it is on a walk to work, a Sunday stroll through downtown or hopping between weekend night stops with friends, our goal is to inspire awe in passersby by inviting them into the WindowFront Matrix. Who knew that what was once empty windows, could now serves as the platform for engagement, immersion and interaction? And who knew that these same empty windows could become prime meeting spaces for ideas to intermingle and fuse?

Our divisions – AdFront, FilmFront, ArtFront, NewsFront and SportsFront – serve as the strategic platform to defy entropy, and inject some awe into everyday life. Think of our divisions as mindscapes just waiting to be shared. AdFront is the cave-art of the 21st century. ArtFront shows how world is but a canvas to our imagination. As Godard would say, FilmFront is truth 24 times per second. NewsFront is the window to the world. And SportFront projects one of the basic joys of life